Online Check In

Your check-in experience will get faster and easier.

Check-In on Your Device

BEFORE your visit at home.

Follow these easy steps

  1. Make sure we have an up-to-date email address and mobile phone number.
  2. Check for a text message and email up to three days prior to your appointment.
  3. Follow the link and complete the online steps.
  4. Arrive at the clinic for your appointment, stop at central registration and let us know you are here!

In-Clinic Registration

The registration process at all clinic locations is moving online. If you didn’t have an opportunity to register on your device before your appointment, we can resend the link to your smartphone and you can complete the process in the clinic.  If you don’t have a smartphone, we will provide you with a Phreesia pad to:

  • Enter or update your information.
  • Electronically sign forms and policies.
  • Privately pay any copay or make a payment.
  • All from a private and secure network and device.

We have invested in technology to better serve you. By using Phreesia (the name for our check-in technology) patients put their health care in their hands and can easily update important information any time of day.  Mobile registration gives you a fast pass to your appointment arrival process.

Questions? Any of our receptionists can help answer questions about Phresesia, just give us a call!


Phreesia Patient Agreement.